Happy Thanksgiving, Americans! Sorry the comic is a bit late. Holiday week, you know? We’ve been a bit occupied, and that really isn’t something that’s going to change much. See, we both have day jobs in retail. I work at a college bookstore, Xander works at an art supply store, and between finals and holiday shopping, this is our busy season.

So we’re taking December off.


We’ll still be around, but the comic itself will be on hold until January. There will still be plenty of stuff to see here, though. For instance, we have a few bushels of concept art we’ve been wanting to show off ever since we introduced Callahan and the Americans.

What can you look forward to in 2013 and beyond? More adventures with the Americans, the return of Corporal Stanley, a sexy Russian spy, a jailbreak, some explosions, some swordplay, some archery, more swordplay, bear action, bear jokes, a Scotsman, a scarf, hijinks, tomfoolery, new merchandise, maybe a Kickstarter campaign, free Ferraris for everyone*, FIVE GOLDEN RINGS, and holy crap is this poster even available right freaking now?

Propaganda Poster

11X17 Poster

I DO BELIEVE IT IS. For $15 you can buy this poster from the We Doomed store. OR YOU CAN BUY TEN.

Ben’s letter speaks the truth. The best is yet to come.



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