Happy Friday, Commandos! In case you missed it last week, Xander has a Kickstarter campaign running! Operation: Crossbones – Hoist yer Colors! Hand-printed Pirate flags with a unique symbol on it: Coffee, Mjolnir, Shark Jaws, Rum & more!

Support Operation: Crossbones here!

Pirates are cool. This in an undeniable fact of life. And aside from being covetous, rum-swigging, no-rules-having badasses, you know what makes them so dang awesome? Their flags! “The Shroud”, “The Black”, “The Grim Death’s Head” – The Jolly Roger. One of the most iconic symbols in recent history, the Jolly Roger was flown by men & women of fortune to show the world that they would not be ruled.

That they were free.

True to my own Pirate heritage (yes, I do have a buccaneer in my family tree), I want to make the same statement. I’m going to open a street-cart style Pirate Flag screen-printing operation so that I can break from living paycheck to paycheck. I’m going to create flags full-time to sell at conventions, art shows, street events, & Renaissance/Pirate Fairs. I’ll be making Jolly Roger flags that fly symbols that resonate with you – that you can hoist high. I love drawing. I really do. And using the magic of silk-screens, I’ll be bringing my drawings to a whole new level by providing scurvy dogs like ye’selves a black flag of yer very own to raise high. You get an awesome hand-made pirate flag and I can live like my scurvy ancestor (y’know…minus the whole murder & theft thing). Do we have an accord?

May the winds be in yer sails and your mugs never be empty.