*Horn Sounds* WE HAVE RETURNED!! Sorry about that unexpected hiatus – with the maelstrom that the Holidays are, and a rushed apartment move, CommandoBear had to take a little winter break. But now, it’s out of hibernation, and ready to continue our historically accurate* romp through the second world war.

Unfortunately, our triumphant return must be a soberly respectful one. This past January, as we’re sure you heard, an Islamic extremist terrorist attack hit the offices of French satirist comic, Charlie Hebdo, killing & injuring many fellow¬†creatives. The cowardly attackers felt that that creators of the comic were insulting their idea of their god, and decided to take their lives.

The Historically Accurate Adventures of Jack & Voytek is set during WW2, and does depict guns, weapons, and the overall theater of war, but we, by no means, endorse or wish to promote violence, in any way (except against Nazis. From the 40’s. They can piss off.). With that said, as fellow creatives, (and, y’know, humans), we extend our sincerest condolences and tons of supportive energy to those injured, and the families of those killed in this horrible, monstrous, cowardly attack.

Col. Churchill & Pvt. Voytek show their respect as well (above).

Stay safe out there, commandos. We’ll see you next week!