Hey Commandos! Sorry about the little break there, life got away from us. If you’re joining us because you ran into either Sam or I at the Alternative Press Expo this weekend, welcome! Normally, we have a table at APE, but it just didn’t happen this year. Between a HUGE trip to the UK, getting engaged to my long-time girlfriend, and running a successful Kickstarter campaign, applying to APE simply slipped past me. Next year!

Oh, in case the reference above flies over your head, that’s Tank, one of the main characters from my other weekly webcomic, 6th Circle. Check it out, it (usually) updates Wednesdays!

So, for now, enjoy reading The Historically Accurate* Adventures of Jacl & Voytek. Why not start at the beginning? Trust me, the art gets better. I promise.

Cheers, Commandos!

-Xander (art-monkey)